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How To Create An App Without Coding?

Making an app on your own is not a simple task, but you have a talented mind to stimulate it just to get started. With this step-by-step guide for creating your own app without coding is not a difficult anymore.

Apps making idea is still young and already very popular. In 2008, Apple started selling its first apps in form of database for contacts, calendars and email. But soon apps developed in all directions: games came, you could make shopping lists or just read the newspaper. For the time being, the market is still growing: many new apps are added every day. Those who have a golden idea can become rich. Time for a lesson about making apps, for anyone who dreams of instant success with a golden app.

4 Questions To Ask Before Making Your Own App

Every day, thousands of new apps come into the app store. In all shapes and sizes. Apps are faster, more interactive and easier. Facebook has more than one billion active app users worldwide per month and over 61% of their revenue comes from mobile. Do you also need to create an app without coding now? What questions do you need to ask yourself before you make or use an app?

Create An App Without Coding
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How To Create An App Without Coding?

Step 1: The Idea

Behind a good app is a good idea. What possibilities should you have, for whom is you intended? Make a good sketch of your idea.

Step 2: The Competition

How big is the market you are targeting? Who have similar apps and which options do they have? How does your app stay innovative?

Step 3: Visualize

Look for footage and think about a recognizable style. Look for images, drawings and photos that fit together and a suitable font. Your app design defines its features that should be well matched with the content and options of the app.

Step 4: Creating An App

This technical aspect is the biggest challenge for many people. There you have four different options like: Outsource to a specialist: the app developer, A web app, Use an app maker, Program yourself. You can outsource it, but you must be able to communicate well. Someone else is going to carry out your idea and does not just know what you want.

Do It Yourself

If you want to do it yourself, you can download some packages with which you can easily assemble a simple app. You can use Mobiroller app maker to create an app without coding. If you really want to tackle it professionally, you do not need to learn any programming. With Mobiroller you can make countless apps for free. 

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1. Do I Have A Unique Idea?

Are you the first or are you going to take and improve an existing app idea? If you are the first with the app idea, you can ask yourself why it is not there yet. If an app already exists and has a lot of criticism, this may be a sign that there is a need for it, but the app developer did not perform it correctly and your budget is exhausted. Now the time for you to pick this up and learn from the critics.

2. Do I Have A Potential Target Group?

Building a new app is really a big challenge. You are going to make something that potential users are really excited about. There are a number of challenges that you have to face like:

·         How are they going to find my app,

·         What are they going to find from my app?

·         When are they going to use my app?

Working with a potential target group at your disposal gives the possibility to test the idea continuously. How do they use it, play it back, and what is their user experience? Think about what role mobile can play in the customer journey. Are you a popular website and are you going to offer an app version, then you can count on it that in the first instance only the die-hard users (20% of total) will use the app. Is this sufficient for success?

3. Is It A Big Problem That My App Is Going To Solve?

Is it 'breaking news' when your app is launched? Does the world get a little better? It's a bit of a nasty question, but what I'm aiming for is solving a problem that users are really waiting for. Are they already regularly calling you to develop an app? Do they already look in the app store themselves if there is an app that solves their problem? Visiting a website (Googling or writing URL) is more accessible than looking up an app in the app store, downloading it, installing it and then also being able to solve the big problem.

4. How To Create An App?

The development of an app costs money, just as developing a website costs money. A good custom website requires a lot of money, and for an app this is no less. Making an app is perhaps even more expensive and in the beginning you have fewer users than you already have on the website. You have to continue to maintain your app continuously because Apple and Android regularly release updates in software and design requirements. You are probably not finished developing after the release of the app. The easier an app works for the customer, how much more technology needs to work well on the back.

This means that you have thought carefully about the app. You have researched the target group, the problem that you are going to solve and perhaps most importantly: you have the budget for making the app.